Even in television series, the same dinosaurs took center stage and we saw them sitting at the table like any family of homo sapiens.

Fiction has caricatured and at the same time brought dinosaurs closer to the general public, which is very positive, since it implies make people interested for this distant and at the same time exciting world of the Dinosaurs.

Fiction is one thing, reality is another.

Although on the big screen humans and dinosaurs coexist in relative harmony sharing the planet, science and scientific findings tell us that this hypothesis is impossible. This coexistence never took place.

Dinosaurs appeared on Earth a few 250 billion years, the first mammals 200,000 million years later. Moreover, if the Dinosaurs would not have become extinct, it would be very difficult for mammals to have evolved as we have done. Our very existence is based on the decline of the great reptiles, particularly the our adaptation to the environment and especially to our blood.

Hot blood, cold blood

Indeed, dinosaurs like most of thes reptiles are cold-blooded (although there are hypotheses that they are warm-blooded) and were prevented from adapting to the glacial climatewhile the small mammals with warm blood and a small layer of fat on their skins managed to be the survivors and later the masters of the same land.
If coexistence had come to be, at first we would have been nothing more than prey before their eyes, later a competition to eliminate.

Obviously the evolution of our species, of the human being, would have been much slower and of course different. With those great beasts at the gates of your cave, it took a lot of courage to get out.


Were the Dragons of legends and traditions dinosaurs?

If we look at the folk traditions of a wide variety of peoples spread across the globe, the Dragon appears again and again among their legends, gods or myths. Without going very far in Europe itself we find many examples like these. The knight of St. George, who kills the Dragon in his cave and frees the imprisoned princess, is an image almost known worldwide.

All descriptions through literature or painting given to us of Dragons,is that of ua large winged reptile that normally breathes fire through its mouth . Sometimes of a ferocious intelligence and evil, others like a simple animal in search of food, Humans.

Maybe one day the skeleton of a dragon will be found and we can then have more evidence of the coexistence between human beings and dinosaurs. In fact, whoever wants to live with a dinosaur should visit their grandchildren, the crocodiles.