There are numerous decorative elements that allow the place we inhabit to truly be considered our home.

Obviously these elements can be adapted to what we are passionate about and if what you are passionate about are dinosaurs, the most fascinating prehistoric animals, You have various options for these incredible “terrible lizards” to be part of the decoration of your home.

Can you imagine having in your room a jungle surrounded by docile Brachiosaurs lying in the sun while in another area a group of Velociraptors watch them with hunter eyes about to launch their predator strategies? Or maybe you prefer to have the caricature of your favorite dinosaur with a smiling face always wishing you a good day?

Any of these options is currently possible, and this type of decoration can be applied very easily and its cost is relatively cheap. Next we talk about how to decorate your family and leisure spaces with vinyl dinosaurs.

What are decorative vinyl ?

The decorative vinyls are sticker-like elements, made of a vinyl plastic material which is generally used to print images and mold shapes thanks to its great elasticity and flexibility.

This material is the same that is used to produce vinyl musical records, although in this case and due to low demand, industrialization is less and less and nowadays more artisanal work is opted for.

Currently it is possible to find a great diversity of decorative vinyl in almost any room we enter, especially in commercial establishments and government corporations.

These vinyls give any space a personal and distinguished touch, fulfilling its direct objective, which is decoration, in a very effective way, so it should not surprise us that there are more and more family homes in which these elements can be seen. .

Installation of a decorative vinyl

As we have initially mentioned, one of the most outstanding characteristics of decorative vinyls is their easy application, let’s see below what are the basic steps that must be followed:

  • Choose the right wall to place the vinyl, which must have a smooth surface and also be as far away as possible from any source of heat for the proper preservation of the vinyl.
  • The wall must be completely dry and it is also recommended that before applying the vinyl any speck of dust that may be present be removed, in this way an adequate adhesion is favored.
  • Measure your wall and vinyl to make sure the measurements fit perfectly otherwise the vinyl could be wrinkled.
  • Very carefully remove the adhesive sheet, also known as silicone sheet, as you do it you must press against the wall with the help of a cloth or your own hand, in this way bubbles will not form. The best way to apply pressure is from the center to the outside.
  • To finish you only have to remove the carrier or transparent sheet that covers the vinyl drawing. Do it slowly so you can check that there are no wrinkles in the vinyl.

Below we show you a video that exemplifies and simplifies the steps that we have mentioned above.

Many people are also concerned about vinyl removal, but if the vinyl, paint and wall are of good quality, this element can be easily removed and also will not leave any type of mark.

To remove a decorative vinyl properly, you only need a hair dryer with hot air, the process is very simple, however, you need to be patient if you do not want to damage the wall paint.

It will start to apply heat to one end of the vinyl and little by little we will be able to observe how the vinyl is more flexible, then that part can begin to be removed.

The process of applying hot air should be repeated until all parts of the vinyl have been flexed and subsequently removed.

Although it is a simple process, below we show you another video that will guide you on how to remove a decorative vinyl.

Our favorite dinosaurs in sight

With the numerous advantages that the Internet offers us, nowadays we can find hundreds of shops specializing in vinyl and many of them offer vinyls that have dinosaurs as protagonists, however, a few are dedicated exclusively to these prehistoric animals.

An example of vinyl website dedicated exclusively to dinosaurs is pixeler, where we can find a large number of models dedicated to a great diversity of dinosaurs, such as the following:

  • A Stegosauruscomically drawn reading a book, or skating on a skateboard.
  • More accurate illustrations showing landscapes with terrible dinosaurs like the great tyrannosarus rex devouring a prey.
  • Scenes where a Velociraptor it seems to emerge from the trees to watch us.
  • Quiet brachiosaurs who observe how meteorites rain from the sky without knowing that this will mean the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

Vinyls to learn and have fun

The vinyls of dinosaurs can have a use beyond the purely decorative, and that is can be converted into learning templatesdiscussion and observation for ourselves, our children, siblings or friends.

In many places around the world, such as in United States the best gift that can be given to a child is a decorative vinyl that allows him to have his favorite drawings in his room, or in this case, the prehistoric animals that most fascinate him.

Although vinyl decoration has a long history in the United States, the truth is that it is becoming increasingly popular in various countries and they are already many rooms in which we can find authentic “Jurassic Parks” decorating the wall.

Where to buy vinyl dinosaurs?

Are you passionate about dinosaurs and have you decided to use a decorative vinyl for these amazing prehistoric animals to decorate your home?

This is an excellent idea and you will not regret it because, as you may have seen, both the application and removal of vinyl is very simple, in return, you can achieve an amazing environment in the space that you consider appropriate.

If your wish is to carry out this idea, from this platform we want to help you in your search, therefore Below we show you a wide selection of vinyl dinosaurs.

In this selection you will find some vinyl for children, others comic, others very original, some with a 3D effect and others that try to perfectly reproduce the Mesozoic Era or the age of the dinosaurs.

Do not hesitate to review the fantastic vinyls that we have selected for you:

  • Can you imagine a threatening dinosaur that seems to stand out from the canvas where it is represented? This surprising effect can be achieved thanks to a 3D dinosaur vinylhigh quality and with an exceptional design.
  • If what you want is to decorate the room of the smallest of the house with cute and harmless dinosaurs and also at an incredibly affordable price, perhaps this vinyl is the most suitable for you and your children.
  • It is possible that you would rather have the feeling that you have managed to lock a dinosaur in your own room, as if you were in one of the mythical films of the Jurassic Park saga. If this is your case, thanks to a very cheap vinyl you can achieve the effect you want.
  • Do you have a child, family member or friend who is passionate about dinosaurs? Thanks to this custom vinyl you will be able to give him the best gift possible, his name surrounded by the silhouettes of various dinosaurs. In addition, it is a very original gift that can rarely be found repeated in the same celebration.
  • If there are children at home fascinated by dinosaurs, you have at your disposal a very cheerful vinylexcellent for a children’s room and that provides great color, which in turn represents an excellent source of visual stimulation for younger children.

  • Some vinyls of dinosaurs offer quite real representations of the Mesozoic Era and this is the case of the next vinyl in 3Dwhich shows several dinosaurs in their natural habitat and with a wild behavior.
  • Can you imagine having a corner on your wall that more than a corner seems like a threshold to another world? This is the idea of this vinylwhich represents a hole through which various dinosaurs can be observed in their natural habitat.
  • If you are passionate about dinosaurs but want to include them in your home through a very elegant vinyl and in line with the decoration you have chosen for that space, this is your best option thanks to its minimalism and design. In addition, it is a decorative vinyl that is luminous in the dark.
  • Would you like the dinosaurs that your child is passionate about to also serve to measure their growth? East children’s vinyl It shows a cute dinosaur that in turn incorporates a height chart, in turn, it represents a good learning tool about the growth of children.
  • Perhaps what intrigues you most about dinosaurs is their look, to what extent could it be intimidating and terrifying for humans? with the following vinyl that highlights the eye of a dinosaur you will be able to get a rough idea and perhaps scare the occasional guest.

  • If you want to create an environment in which it seems that a dinosaur is going through the wall of your house, this is it. the best option for youWithout a doubt, the surprising effect of this vinyl will not leave you indifferent.
  • This is another high class vinyl that will allow you to enjoy the dinosaurs in a very discreet way and without excessively altering the decoration of the environment where you want to place this element. It is ideal for minimalist spaces.
  • Although we assume that vinyl can only be placed on the wall, this is a misconception, since this original vinyl It is designed to be placed on the ground. With it you will have the feeling that there is a huge crack in your home and in it a dinosaur awaits you.
  • Do you want a very useful vinyl for your child? So the best option is a blackboard vinyl. With an application equal to that of any other vinyl, this particular product allows the surface of the dinosaur silhouette to be used as a blackboard, being suitable for normal chalk and liquid chalk. Therefore, we are not only dealing with a decorative element but also with a valuable learning tool.
  • If your intention is to highlight the most fearsome and ferocious aspect of the dinosaurs, this 3D vinyl may be the best choice for you. With the following vinyl you will have the sensation that a huge dinosaur crosses the wall of your bedroom and is ready to attack, just by looking at it one can clearly see the intention of this ferocious prehistoric animal.

What do you think of the dinosaur vinyls that we have selected for you? We hope that in this wide range you have been able to find a product that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

Perhaps you would like to find a wider range of dinosaur vinyl in this article or perhaps you have a suggestion that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to do so, we will be happy to receive your comments.