The well-bent vertebra dinosaur

  • Name: Eustreptospondylus
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Period: Jurassic
  • Found In: United Kingdom

 Below we will present all the information about a carnivorous dinosaur belonging to the suborder of the Theropods. Continue reading and learn more about them

What does the name Eustreptospondylus mean

The meaning of Eustreptospondylus is “well curved vertebra“, a rather curious meaning, since it has no direct relation to the name in question.

History of the Eustreptospondylus discovery

In 1870, workers found the fossilized remains of a theropod skeleton near a well in Summertime, which today would be north of Oxford.

These remains belonged to the first Eustreptospondylus which was first assigned to the genus Megalosaurus by mistake, as this dinosaur was at that time the largest known carnivore in the region.

This fossil is, until today, the only one that is possessed of it, like many other European theropods of the Jurassic period.

The remains found by these workers were sold to local bookstore owner James Parker, who later showed them to Oxford University professor John Phillips, who described the animal in 1871 but did not give the name.

Then in 1890, after Oxford University bought the skeleton, Arthur Woodward gave it the name Megalosaurus bucklandii, then in 1905 and 1906, Baron Franz Nopks classified the skeleton to the long described species treptospondylus cuvieri, which introduced some confusion in the classification of these remains.

After a review by Alick Walker, he created a separate genus due to anatomical differences, however, the name Streptospondylus, which was previously used for the remains of this animal.


It had already been assigned to another genus, which was originally considered a species of crocodile, but whose species probably belongs to others, therefore the name Eustreptospondylus was chosen.

Eustreptospondylus Classification

Eustreptospondylus was included in the group Megalosauridae, although attempts were later made to isolate a separate family of Eustreptospondylidae, to this day, Eustreptospondylus is generally included in the group Eustreptospondylinae within Megalosauridae.

When did the Eustreptospondylus live?

This specimen lived during the Middle Jurassic, about 165 million years ago in the southern part of England near Summertune, which today is called Oxford South England.

What did the Eustreptospondylus eat?

Like its more famous cousin Megalosaurus, Eustreptospondylus was a slightly lighter and smaller carnivore that roamed the forests and plains of Middle Jurassic Europe.

Along with other theropods it fed on other dinosaurs and pterosaurs a little smaller than itself, and it also fed on dead fish found in rivers.

In addition to feeding on marine reptiles and other dinosaurs, it is also said that it could have foraged on the coasts in search of carcasses and marine life animals.

Eustreptospondylus characteristics

This was actually a relatively small dinosaur, and when large it was a lethal murder weapon. It weighed approximately 400 kilograms. The meaning of its name refers to the fact that it had curved vertebrae and was light and curved.

As his tail was elongated and very strong, he generally used it to stabilize his weight. As for its front legs were thin but strong and ended in three claws that allowed it to firmly grasp its prey, on the other hand its hind legs somewhat longer, but strong.

Its teeth were very sharp and it had a large number of them, very sharp indeed. Some fossil evidence suggests that it roamed the riverbanks a lot, so it could have been a great swimmer.

Let’s hope that in the future we can get a little more information about this dinosaur.